Personalizing control of ones’ fit empowers the user to feel more comfortable. This lasting comfort will have a daily positive effect on lives, while improving sustainability for consumers, businesses and the environment. 

Please join me in addressing these very old, and solvable issues.

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Patents Granted & Patents Pending

These products are protected with an issued Utility Patent. To encompass several variations, a Continuation-In-Part is currently pending with USPTO. Design Patent has been granted. International Patent Applications will be filed in 2022. 

Costs Per Unit $1.25 (EST.)

These prototypes are proof of concept. Some minor engineering will be needed to convert them to OEM. The process is zinc die-cast. Zinc is light weight, strong and 100% recyclable. 

Ready to support your production anywhere in the world. 

Meet the Support Team


Located just outside Philadelphia,

DesignThink is a full service new product design & development engineering firm.

DesignThink has been instrumental in turning my vision into reality.

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Dynacast is a global manufacturer of precision, engineered metal components

operatings 21 manufacturing facilities

in 16 countries, across 4 continents. 


Dynacast consistently delivers value through engineering expertise, efficient operations, and Advanced Quality Planning systems.