Patents Issued & Patents Pending 

Because Pant Sizes are Inconsistent, and so are Waistlines!

Ergonomic & Discreet

Standing or sitting, just set it and forget it! 

You won't be able to feel it on your body. 

Improves Sustainability

Increases successful fittings at time of purchase, while providing a lasting, flexible fit. Improves sales and reduces returns by addressing manufacturing inconsistencies and size fluctuations inherent to the consumer.  Die-cast in 100% recyclable zinc. 

Affordably Priced

Priced at an estimated $1.00 per unit, these prototypes are ready for OEM

With 21 production facilities in 16 countries, across 4 continents, engineering and production teams are at the ready near you. 

Variances Affect Fit

A static button is unforgiving.  It cannot adjust to the user’s changing needs,
or the size inconsistencies produced in manufacturing, nor the variances inherent to fabrics as they shrink and stretch with use. 

measuring tape_483709933_1.jpg

Weight Gain

Monthly Cycles

Weight Loss

Mfg. Inconsistencies

Stretch & Shrink

Fit Affects Sustainability

Annually, the unforgiving nature of the static button costs billions in unsold merchandise and returns. This causes excessive wastes for our environment.

Jeans on a Rack

If it Doesn’t Fit, It Doesn't Sell

For manufacturers, these garments become a physical & financial liability. They are then liquidated, donated, or destroyed.

If it No Longer Fits, it Won’t Be Worn

For consumers, these garments are a physical & financial burden, which are then donated or thrown away.

Garments That Are No Longer Worn

Around the world, these garments strain social, ecological and financial systems, while adversely affecting all living species now and in the future.


With all of the Variances
Affecting Fit & Fit Affecting
Sustainability, it’s Clear…

When it Comes to Waistbands,
The 1¢ Static Button is Expensive!

Fine-Tune Size Tighter or Looser
in ¼" Increments along 5 Positions!

TruSize Addresses Sustainability

Adjustable to Consumer & Manufacturer Variances


Attracts New Customers

Moves More Product

Improves Sustainability


Fits Despite Size Inconsistencies

Mfg. production runs yield up to a

1/2 inch variance in waistband size inconsistencies. TruSize makes

this industry wide issue far less

relevant to each customer.


Increases Sales & Reduces Returns

The personalization of ones waistband vastly increases successful fittings in-store & on-line, thus reduces returns and improves sales. 

A lasting flexible fit creates brand loyalty and positively affects sales of other products.


Increases Sustainability

TruSize's flexible fit renders the garment more usable to more people and for longer. This yields less waste in inventory to both the manufacturer and the consumer. This is an altruistic act for the environment. 


More Play Than Flex Fabrics

TruSize gives far more play than flex fabrics, which only yield up to a 1/2 inch of stretch. Unlike flex fabrics that only expand, TruSize enables both tighter & looser sizes with 5 positions along 1 inch of movement.


Offers Missing 

In-Between Sizes

Certain in-between sizes are not manufactured. Therefore, many are forced to choose a fit too loose or too tight. TruSize enables in-between sizes, both looser and tighter.


Novelty Attracts

New Customers

Seeing the slit in fabric under the button, TruSize visibly insinuates an adjustable fit. Curiosity is created in how comfortable the variety of positions will feel. Renders the garment desirable before trying it on.